On my CDs I have had the privilege of working with some outstanding musicians. Never enough was co-produced by Rhys Wilson, who also plays piano nd guitar. The other musicians on the album are Matt Kelly and Lucinda Fudge from Thursday’s Band (violin and viola), Dawn Loombe (accordion), Brian Harvey (bass), and Myke Clifford (wooden flutes).

On my earlier CDs I also worked with Tara Westover (vocals), Miguel Moreno (flamenco guitar, pictured), Stu Hanna (of Megson), Cliff Ward, Lester Lloyd Reason, Jim Gosney, Tom Gaskell, Steve MacLachlan, Amanda Hall, Christine Ledoux, Sandra O’Neil, Lizzie J Taylor and Dave Streatfield.

Friends who are also songwriters and collaborators include: Lisa Fitzgibbon, Mark GamonBernard Hoskin, Rick Sanders and Richard Wildman.