John Meed

John Meed is a singer-songwriter based in Cambridge described by R2 Rock’n’Reel as: ‘a consummate storyteller’ whose songs are ‘thoughtful and thought provoking.’

‘John Meed inhabits his subject matter, digging deep into the emotional content to find a surprising angle in a way that has seen him compared, rightly, to Leonard Cohen, Al Stewart and Jaques Brel.’ Shindig

‘A breath of fresh, mellow, unsophisticated and unpretentious folk air.’ Rock Society

‘Pavilion Parade said it all really – who said political songwriting was dead?’ Eric Bogle

John’s latest album, Never enough, is now available. You can order a copy here. ‘Really thought-provoking and interesting songs’ (Genevieve Tudor, BBC Radio Shropshire).‘There is some beautiful writing on Never enough (Greg Russell, BBC Radio Sheffield). ‘A lovely, lovely album.’ (Sue Marchant, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire). Never enough is possibly John Meed’s finest work, finding him totally in control of his palette of words and ideas’ (Les Ray, Unicorn). ‘The rewards are worth the reaping’ (Mike Davies, FATEA). ‘A great album to check out, with some highly original song writing – highly engaging and equally thought-provoking’.’ (Allan Wilkinson, Northern Sky)

Recent Posts

Into the Spring

Winter may at last be coming to an end – tell that to people whose boiler has been out of action for over a week! – and I had been looking forward to some warmer weather and some lovely gigs.

Sadly these have all now been postponed because of the virus. And it is much better so. I can only wish you all a safe time ahead and look forward to seeing you after things start to get back to normal.

I have however posted a video of Matt, Lucinda and I playing a new song, ‘Progress’, at our most recent church gig in St Mary’s, Stotfold:

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